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We loved thrifting!


Can I just tell you how awesome it is to spend a Saturday with some great friends, make some new ones and get fabulous deals? Well it rocks. I think I’d have to say I Love Thrifting Day 2012 – Raleigh Edition was a great success! Continue reading →

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I love Thrifting – Raleigh 2012


The official “I <3 Thrifting Day” is nearly upon us (Saturday, July 7 to be exact) and I am so excited to post the schedule for my Raleigh – Durham area thrifters!

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The joy of scarves


Alright, I know scarves are NOT home decor but that’s why my blog is home decor and more! This is the “more” part.

First of all, I love scarves! Anyone who knows me knows I will wear a scarf anytime of the year. I have literally have a scarf for every season. I also have a similar love for cardigans, but that’s another post. Continue reading →

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Weekend wrap-up


Another weekend gone by and I barely feel like I had any time off. I am seriously looking forward to next weekend because for once I have NO plans. So what kept me so busy?  So many things.  Continue reading →

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Anthro Obsessed


Anyone who knows me IRL knows I’m kind of obsessed with Anthropologie. I love the way the store looks, I love the clothes and I really love their home decor stuff. In fact, the only thing I don’t love is their prices. Ick Continue reading →

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