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Christmas Touches


When I was a kid Christmas was my favorite holiday and not just for the presents, for the decorations. Every year my mom and I would decorate the whole house with a tree (or two), garland, lights, stockings and sometimes gingerbread houses. My mom was particularly fond of decorating the patio for our apartment decorating contests and I am proud to say we have won several apartment decorating competitions.  Continue reading →

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Moody blues

OB-The nook

Ahh lazy Sundays. I love them. They give me more time to work on Oiloboards, like the ones I did a while back for the master bedroom and our dining room. I came up with these new blue mood boards as inspiration for my living room and the living/dining nook. Continue reading →

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Beach chic

The colors give this kitchen a beach feel.

In honor of my amazing beach trip with my bestie, Stephanie, I present to you my favorites in beach chic decor. Now, even as a former beach resident I haven’t been much for beach decor because it can often look very dated but I think these photos show how a beach-y theme doesn’t have to look like an 80-year-old grandma’s house in West Palm.
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