And we’re back


So after a loooong time away I’m finally back. I know you’re thinking, where have you been girrrrl??? Well I’ll tell you!

I broke my computer :( Continue reading →

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High Five for Friday – Part One

photo 3

I love Friday and so should you!

I went to a blogging meet-up a few weekends ago and a lot of lovely ladies I met were talking about their link ups and High Five for Friday posts so I was inspired to do my own and link up! Welcome to my first High Five for Friday post — aren’t you lucky! Continue reading →

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Unfinished business


I hate to say it, but I think I am becoming the queen of unfinished projects.

It’s not my fault! I start something and then I have to go to work, or go to bed, or do something and then it takes me forever to get back and finish what I started.  Continue reading →

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House Tour: Amy from Pop Connoisseur


The following is a guest post from my bestie Amy. I think her apartment is totes adorbs so I begged her to do a little house tour post for me so you all could check it out. Enjoy! 

Hi! My name is Amy, and my BFF Courtney asked me to write a guest post for the Joy of Decorating. I have my own blog called Pop Connoisseur, which is definitely not a home decor blog. But I do love home decor, I like to write long ramblings, and I do try to make my apartment look as fancy as possible. About the only room I’ve done, however, is the living room–though, to be fair, the dining room and the living room are kind of the same area, so technically, I’ve decorated TWO rooms. Boom. Continue reading →

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DIY: Z Gallerie Inspired Mercury Glass Bottles


It’s no surprise that I love mercury glass. I have done tutorials on here before for making your own mercury glass vases and when I saw these bottles from Z Gallerie I wanted to try my hand at a different method for making faux mercury glass.

The first thing I had to do was go get the famous Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint. I found that my local Walmart carries it. At the $8 price tag it’s more expensive than regular spray paint, and it’s only a 6 oz bottle, but I figured I wouldn’t be using a TON of it, so it was okay. Continue reading →

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