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A painter’s progress


So the repainting of the living is in mid swing and I thought I’d give you guys a first look into what has become of my living room. Continue reading →

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Everyday I’m stencilin’


Well it certainly feels like every day I am stencilin’. I have been working on the new stenciled wall in the bedroom for the past 3 days and I am finally making some progress.  Continue reading →

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Yipes stripes

Amazing striped hallway

Whether vertical or horizontal, wide or narrow, painted, decaled or wallpapered, I love stripes on walls.

I have been contemplating stripes in several different areas of my apartment but especially in the hallway. We have a long narrow hallway so I can’t fit any furniture and because the doors to the laundry room and hall closet are on half of the hallway I don’t really want to hang any nice artwork, for fear of breakage while I’m folding clothes or rearranging the coat closet. I am particularly drawn to bold, horizontal stripes but there is also something soothing about a light, barely there, wall stripe. Ah, decisions decisions. While I’m daydreaming about color, width and orientation, check out these great stripe-y wall examples and maybe you’ll develop some stripe envy of your own.  Continue reading →

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