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The joy of gallery walls


If there is one way to bring a lot of color and personality to a room I would say a gallery wall is it. No matter what your decorating style is, there is a gallery wall that can fit your room. Continue reading →

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Sunburst mirror DIY


In my last post, I talked about how I had a lot of unfinished projects going on, but luckily I got some time this weekend to work on one of them – the sunburst mirror! Continue reading →

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The joy of spray paint


I could hardly wait to get my hands on that silver spray paint and take care of that frame I got at Antiques to Zippers on Saturday. Unfortunately I was super busy this weekend so I had to wait until this evening. Continue reading →

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That’s a wrap

Cakes and cheese. Delish in the dining room!

Allow to me to rave a bit about a great little wall decor find I stumbled upon a few months ago.

I had heard and seen all these posts on blogs about creating your own artwork by framing wrapping paper, wallpaper, and scrapbook paper. I thought it sounded like a perfect solution to my wall decor problem so I  was really excited about finding the perfect printed paper. I am also incredibly fickle when it comes to artwork and so I figured that if I just invested in nice frames I could afford to buy lots of different papers to switch out whenever I needed a change.  Continue reading →

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Mirror, mirror

Nice and silver

Like with most of my home decor items, this mirror also has a story. It’s original home was the powder room of my parent’s house. My mom hated it. It was sort of an ugly brassy-gold, in an unusual octagonal shape and the part that bugged mom the most was that it was hung crooked. She wanted to get rid of it immediately, she just had to find it’s replacement. After she settled on a fairly plain, unframed mirror for the bathroom she set it’s unfortunate predecessor in a corner to collect dust.

Enter her home decor obsessed daughter. Continue reading →

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