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Hotel at home


As I’m gearing up for my road trip to Kansas City tonight & tomorrow I thought I would post a fun round up of awesome hotel interiors. I don’t know about you, but there is something so relaxing about staying at a hotel. Take a look at these and get inspired to bring that “far-off getaway” feeling at home!

How great does this European hotel lobby look?

I love the round baskets and the dark wood. Plus the view is incredible!

The Hollywood Roosevelt in LA is pretty well known but check out the cool style of the rooms!

I would love to curl up with those furry pillows!

So this London hotel might be a little too grande for anyone to really recreate the look at home, but I just had to share!

I am dying over those columns.

 I’m not even surprised that one of the prettiest looking hotel rooms is in Shanghai. So modern and fresh without being overwhelming.

This is a look that could be very easily recreated in your home too!

What can I say? Only in Paris! This is the craziest hotel I found.

Maybe not great for an adult, but I feel like this would have been my dream room at age 13.

Do you have a favorite hotel room you have stayed at? Are you going to try any of these styles in your own home? Let me know!

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Christmas Touches


When I was a kid Christmas was my favorite holiday and not just for the presents, for the decorations. Every year my mom and I would decorate the whole house with a tree (or two), garland, lights, stockings and sometimes gingerbread houses. My mom was particularly fond of decorating the patio for our apartment decorating contests and I am proud to say we have won several apartment decorating competitions.  Continue reading →

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A fall wreath


Continuing my “I <3 Fall” theme of late, I decided to create a fall wreath and show you all how to make one yourselves. The best part about it? It only cost me about $3 to make! Continue reading →

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Friend or faux?


I love silver mirrored accents. I have silver mirrored trays, candlesticks, vases, pictures frames and tons of other silvery stuff Im forgetting. My favorite type of silver mirrored goodness though is in the form of mercury glass. Continue reading →

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The joy of built-ins

Adorable girls room with built-ins.

Lately I have been discussing possible built-in shelving options with my co-worker for her new house and I am amazed at all the creative built-in units I have seen in my research. Check out this collection of some of the coolest looking built-ins I have ever seen. Continue reading →

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