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Hotel at home


As I’m gearing up for my road trip to Kansas City tonight & tomorrow I thought I would post a fun round up of awesome hotel interiors. I don’t know about you, but there is something so relaxing about staying at a hotel. Take a look at these and get inspired to bring that “far-off getaway” feeling at home!

How great does this European hotel lobby look?

I love the round baskets and the dark wood. Plus the view is incredible!

The Hollywood Roosevelt in LA is pretty well known but check out the cool style of the rooms!

I would love to curl up with those furry pillows!

So this London hotel might be a little too grande for anyone to really recreate the look at home, but I just had to share!

I am dying over those columns.

 I’m not even surprised that one of the prettiest looking hotel rooms is in Shanghai. So modern and fresh without being overwhelming.

This is a look that could be very easily recreated in your home too!

What can I say? Only in Paris! This is the craziest hotel I found.

Maybe not great for an adult, but I feel like this would have been my dream room at age 13.

Do you have a favorite hotel room you have stayed at? Are you going to try any of these styles in your own home? Let me know!

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Unfinished business


I hate to say it, but I think I am becoming the queen of unfinished projects.

It’s not my fault! I start something and then I have to go to work, or go to bed, or do something and then it takes me forever to get back and finish what I started.  Continue reading →

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House Tour: Amy from Pop Connoisseur


The following is a guest post from my bestie Amy. I think her apartment is totes adorbs so I begged her to do a little house tour post for me so you all could check it out. Enjoy! 

Hi! My name is Amy, and my BFF Courtney asked me to write a guest post for the Joy of Decorating. I have my own blog called Pop Connoisseur, which is definitely not a home decor blog. But I do love home decor, I like to write long ramblings, and I do try to make my apartment look as fancy as possible. About the only room I’ve done, however, is the living room–though, to be fair, the dining room and the living room are kind of the same area, so technically, I’ve decorated TWO rooms. Boom. Continue reading →

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The joy of glossy white


Lately I have been really looking at my living room and trying to figure out how to give it a little springtime facelift. While bright flowers and pastel colors are the typical springy updates, I have been really drawn to all things painted high-gloss white. Continue reading →

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Valentine’s Day Wreath


It’s almost February 14, and that means it’s time for gushy lifetime movies, candy conversation hearts and of course a brand new pink, floral wreath! Continue reading →

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