I’m Courtney. I’m a graphic designer, hobby blogger, bargain hunter, wannabe extreme couponer and home decor fiend.

The Joy of Decorating was simply born out of my love for all things home decor. After graduating from college in 2007 and finally landing a steady job as a creative director I rented my first apartment and quickly took to decorating my new space. I didn’t have any much money, but I tried to make it a unique, comfortable space. I made art work for the living room by gluing pretty scrapbook paper to Styrofoam squares, I raided the clearance sale at Linens ‘N Things for cheap placemats to dress up my breakfast bar and I started to discover home design blogs and used all the photos of well-designed apartments to use as inspiration.

I want to create a space for people to talk about design, ask questions, get answers, get inspired and find cheap solutions to their home decor problems. I want The Joy of Decorating to be accessible to anyone so if you ever have questions for me, just send me an e-mail, and I’ll do my best to help answer questions about home decor, decorating or anything else!

Thanks for reading!

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