We loved thrifting!

Can I just tell you how awesome it is to spend a Saturday with some great friends, make some new ones and get fabulous deals? Well it rocks. I think I’d have to say I Love Thrifting Day 2012 – Raleigh Edition was a great success!

We started out a great little place called the Resale Boutique that I had never been to before. As soon as I walked in the door I found this cool thing and I had to get it.

I have been calling it a finial, but I don’t know if that’s a correct term. I’m pretty sure “shiny pointy thing” is an appropriate name too.

My friend Amy also found some cool stuff. I think she was really tempted to get this awesome sculpture she found.

She didn’t go for it, but there was a ton of cool stuff in that booth. We could have spent hours there, and nearly did.

Erin was also on the hunt for some good deals. She left the first place with two glass decanters for her bar and an awesome chip and dip. Nice!

Now teacups and saucers aren’t really my thing, but I love a great display. In the right home, this could be a cool collection!

Here’s our whole little group. Top row (L-R): Brittany, Gwynne, Erin. Bottom row (L-R): Kristen, me, Amy. Thanks to Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl for letting me borrow this photo :)

After Resale we moved on to Goodwill where I picked up these rocking canisters for only $13!

They are in great shape and in a nice cream color but I gotta find a way to jazz them up. Perhaps something with chalkboard paint? We shall see!

After a tasty lunch at Aladdin’s Eatery, which I highly recommend, we were back to thriftin’. At the second Goodwill, I spotted this awesome vintage radio.

Then Amy found this really odd cookie jar. I think she is singing. Amy and the cookie jar became really close.

We got another little group shot. We lost a member of our group at that point, but we were still going strong, despite the 105 degree heat. YIKES!

After this, we checked out a sidewalk sale (outside = bad idea) then went over to my favorite thrift shop, the Durham Rescue Mission’s Bargain Center. I found the saddest little bunny there.

He looked like my feet felt at that point. So sad. So tired. Hard to press on. We called it quits after the Bargain Center. Thrifting is hard work and I think we were ready to relax in some A/C.

So overall, I think a good time was had by all. We picked up some great stuff at some fantastic prices and I made a few new friends fo sho! So what about you guys? Did anyone else join a group? What did you guys get? More importantly, who’s ready to go out thrifting again?? I Love Thrifting Day 2013 can’t get here soon enough!

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2 Comments on "We loved thrifting!"

  1. Robin says:

    Wow!!! RALEIGH GIRLS!!!! Had I known about you girls, I would have LOVED to join in….when is the NEXT ONE!!!??? I’ve been living here for just over two years….have no “thrifting” friends… :(

    • Courtney says:

      Oh man, I wish you had! We had a great time. I usually do them as a part of Mr. Goodwill Hunting’s I Heart Thrifting day so typically that’s in the summer. Look out for updates here and on my facebook page!

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