High Five for Friday – Part One

I love Friday and so should you!

I went to a blogging meet-up a few weekends ago and a lot of lovely ladies I met were talking about their link ups and High Five for Friday posts so I was inspired to do my own and link up! Welcome to my first High Five for Friday post — aren’t you lucky!

1. Flowers from my adorable co-worker, Jenna, for my last day at work.

2. Finally finishing some projects, like the one I mentioned last week.

3. My new coasters! I got the idea from a pin on pinterest that has no link attached to it :( All you have to do is adhere fun scrapbook paper to plain ceramic tile using Mod Podge (or mixed glue and water for homemade Mod Podge) and let them dry. Then spray them with a clear gloss acrylic sealer so they are waterproof. Love them!

4. This amazing stuffed pepper recipe I found on pinterest! If you are looking for something delish and easy to make for dinner you have to try this!

5. Craft group tonight! Can’t wait to show you what I’m doing with this baby :)

Thanks to Lauren for hosting this sweet par-tay!


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One Comment on "High Five for Friday – Part One"

  1. Emily says:

    Those stuff peppers look great. Making me hungry!

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