DIY: Z Gallerie Inspired Mercury Glass Bottles

It’s no surprise that I love mercury glass. I have done tutorials on here before for making your own mercury glass vases and when I saw these bottles from Z Gallerie I wanted to try my hand at a different method for making faux mercury glass.

The first thing I had to do was go get the famous Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint. I found that my local Walmart carries it. At the $8 price tag it’s more expensive than regular spray paint, and it’s only a 6 oz bottle, but I figured I wouldn’t be using a TON of it, so it was okay.

I already had the bottles (I know, I’m a real lush), so that wasn’t an added cost. I only used clear bottles so I don’t know if it would work out using a colored glass bottle.

The biggest tip I can offer is to follow directions! You have to spray looking glass spray on the INSIDE of the bottles to get the mirror effect and they also tell you to use at least five coats to get the mirror to really show. It won’t really be a perfect mirror look, but that works fine for this project.

It was challenging to get the spray inside the bottles and I’d be a liar if I told you my fingers weren’t covered in it. After spraying the inside of the bottles and rolling the paint around in there (it’s runnier than regular spray paint) I took my blow dryer to the bottles to get them to dry faster.

Also, don’t judge my boring bathroom and please ignore my finger toes.

So several coats later, I think I ended up at around seven, I liked the mirror look but it was a little too transparent. I got out my go to silver spray paint and gave a quick spray to the inside and it worked out. I suppose silver, gray or black would work best for this.

After that, I sprayed a few VERY light sprays of the Looking Glass spray paint to the outside of my bottles. I wanted this to look like mercury glass and a little distressed, and I found the best way to achieve that was to spray the outside and then lightly rub the bottle with your fingers or a sponge.

Looking Glass spray isn’t very thick and it usually will just rub right off so make sure you scrub lightly so you don’t take all of it off. I think it gives the bottles some nice dimension too because you can see through to the mirror in the spots you rubbed off.

After giving your bottles a rub down you are finished!

You can see the spots I rubbed off and you can also see how shiny but not perfect the mirror looks.

I love it and compared to the ones at Z Gallerie (and their $50+ price tag) I think it’s not so bad.

So what do you think? Is this something you want to try? If you do let me know how it works! I can’t wait to find something else to use my Looking Glass spray on. I think I have a new fave!

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3 Comments on "DIY: Z Gallerie Inspired Mercury Glass Bottles"

  1. Courtney, I love how your mercury bottles turned out! And I wouldn’t have guessed to spray the outside too. Thanks for joining the DIY Talent Parade!


  2. Jessica says:

    Those are SO pretty! Question- Would they be okay to use as vases? Once the paint is dry it’s waterproof right?

    • Courtney says:

      I believe it is waterproof, however, I just read the back of the spray can and it says the painted side should not come in contact with live plants. I’m not sure what happens but I’m guessing it kills them. That sounds like it would only be a problem if you were trying to GROW a plant so I would think it would be okay with cut flowers, they just might die quicker.

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