The silver platter wall

If you’ve read any of my blog, you’ll know I love all things silver and gray. Of course my love doesn’t just stop at picture frames and accessories, if I could paint my home silver I would, so it probably will come as no surprise that I figured out a way to cover one wall in a whole lot of shiny silvery goodness.

I suppose I started collecting silver platters and trays when I started making little bathroom tablescapes. I bought my first one at Goodwill and used to hold soaps and clear canisters for cotton balls and things. I never really considered hanging them until I saw the recent trend of hanging plates and I thought maybe I could do a twist on the trend. 

My first order of business was to look up pictures of plates and trays hanging on walls on Google and Pinterest so I could get an idea of how many I needed and shapes that might work well together. After that I got to shopping.

This was one of the first trays I bought and I even posted it to my Facebook page to ask you guys what the dents were for.

After some help and some researching I found out that the platter was for carving meat and the wells were for catching the meat juices.

The coolest part to me about collecting trays (or anything for that matter) is the history behind it. I love having something hanging on my wall that was probably the centerpiece of family meals or, in the case of my other trays, perhaps held trinkets or jewels. I love it.

So while I suppose I will never be finished collecting platters and trays, I did manage to get enough great looking ones to start hanging them.

Just like with my gallery wall, I first placed all the trays I wanted to use on the floor and arranged them they way I wanted them.

I took a bad cell phone picture of the layout so I wouldn’t forget. It’s always easier to go by a rough draft.

I couldn’t find plate hangers in the store so I just used those double sticky picture hanging strips. It’s been a few days and they haven’t fallen yet!

So there they are over my little Ikea Expedit bookcase! What do you think?

I have also been playing with items for the top of the bookcase/buffet table.

You can see I even changed things between these two photos. I know they say less is more but there is a lot of space here and I can’t help but think I might want to add some more items.

So have any of you hung platters, plates or trays? Where did you hang them? Do you think I need to add more to my display?

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