The joy of glossy white

Lately I have been really looking at my living room and trying to figure out how to give it a little springtime facelift. While bright flowers and pastel colors are the typical springy updates, I have been really drawn to all things painted high-gloss white.

I love the white blooms on the table and the white vessels on the mantle. Light and springy.
Source: HGTV

How can I NOT love an owl figurine, especially one in high gloss white??
Source: 4 men & a lady

I consider this one of my favorite living room inspirations. Just lovely.
Source: Decor8 

So are you in love with white too? Ready to do spray paint something in your house? Well here’s a fun DIY milk glass tutorial via PS I Made This to get you started:

I guess I’m pretty tardy to the glossy white party (I was too busy spray painting everything silver) but I am ready for a change, who’s with me?

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