End table update

I have boring end tables. There I said it.

It’s not like I don’t like them, they just aren’t that exciting. They are just plain — all white with a removable tray top. But after looking for about 5 months for end tables I was exhausted so when I finally found a pair that was tall enough for me to reach while I was sitting on my tall couch I jumped at them.

Look at it when it was all new. It even still has the tag on it!

So now about 5 months later and I have been living with my plain end tables for long enough. There has been a lot of tutorials for things to do with wallpaper scraps so I figured I would try my hand at wallpapering the inside of the tray table for a fun update.

I picked up two 20×20 scraps for $6 each at Graham & Brown for this project. I love all of their wallpaper designs but I went with this one.

It even has a faint pinstripe pattern in the background which I didn’t see before I bought it but I love it.

Then I gathered my supplies, which included homemade mod podge (glue mixed with water), a paintbrush, some extra glue and clear acrylic sealer.

The first thing I did was cut the wallpaper to size. I used  a pocket knife to score the edges and then trimmed it up with scissors. It would probably be easier to use and x-acto knife but I don’t have one. *sadface*

Once I got everything trimmed to size I spread on a thick layer of my homemade mod podge and carefully placed the wallpaper down, smoothing it as I laid it down. After you get the wallpaper on straight you can really start smoothing down the bubbles trapped underneath.

My boyfriend/hand model used a credit card to smooth down the bubbles. Be carefully not to scratch or tear the wallpaper, it’s much thicker than regular paper but mine were pretty saturated with my gluey mix so I was careful to not bear down too hard.

Protip: With my first attempt, after I smoothed down the wallpaper I covered it in another layer of glue. Do NOT do that. It got way too wet and I had to peel it up and wait for it to dry a little bit before I could lay it back down. I also tried to wipe some of the glue away and almost ended up tearing the paper. I DID end up with some little glue spots on the paper, but they aren’t really noticeable, they just look like dust specks. 

After that, I just sprayed it down with the acrylic sealer and I was done!

The left end table…

and the right!

This was a great, simple project and I really love the look of the wallpaper. Hellllo not so boring end tables!

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