Valentine’s Day Wreath

It’s almost February 14, and that means it’s time for gushy lifetime movies, candy conversation hearts and of course a brand new pink, floral wreath!

For this wreath, I decided to finally do something with all those coffee filters I bought at the Dollar Store. I saw a lot of people on Pinterest making coffee filter flowers for wreaths and Styrofoam balls and thought that maybe I should give it a shot too.

I started by dying my coffee filters. I just bought the plain white kind, but I hear the natural colored ones are really pretty for flower making. I used a combination of silvery grey glitter craft paint and pink food coloring.

After I stirred the paint and food coloring together I poured in some water to dilute it. I just made sure the mixture didn’t get too runny and still had some good color to it. After I reached my desired color I dipped coffee filters into the dye, wrung them out, and then laid them flat on paper towels.

I noticed that even while making sure the filters were flat when I laid them out, they were still a little hard and crinkled when they were totally dry, which I actually liked because it gave the flowers some nice texture.

So I tried a few different ways to make these flowers. Check this site out for some great tutorials if you want to do something fancy. The technique I used to make the flowers I like to call the “quick and dirty” method.

Essentially I just took three of the dried filters, which are just flat discs at this point, hold them at the bottom and fold the top up so you are sort of holding a cone.

Another way to do it would be to make the “ok” sign with your thumb and forefinger and stuff the center of the filters through the “o” you make with your fingers. Then I just kind of crumpled the edges of the filter to make them look more like flowers.

After I finished making the flowers I laid them out on my grapevine wreath form (only $5 at Michael’s) just to get an idea of where I wanted them. After I settled on my layout I hot glued everything in place and my wreath was ready to hang!

I decided that I only wanted to have the bottom left corner of the wreath covered in flowers, because I didn’t want the flowers to be super overpowering.

I have also seen people put their house number on the opposite side of the flowers but since we live in an apartment, our apartment number is right next to our door so it seemed silly to do that.

I love the way it looks and it was super cheap (only about $6) and super easy! Happy early Valentine’s Day!

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One Comment on "Valentine’s Day Wreath"

  1. Allyson says:

    This looks awesome Courtney! I’m going to try this this weekend! (Bedroom is still “in process”…too long of a process for my taste, but “in process” nonetheless…) ;) Happy February!

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