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They say necessity is the mother of invention, and while I can not be credited with inventing floor cushions, necessity certainly kicked my butt into high gear when I needed extra seating for a party.

Lots of stores, like West Elm and Ikea sell floor cushions, but I’m a maker when I can be, so instead of taking the easy, and in the case of the West Elm cushions, expensive, way out, I decided to make my own.

I found a few tutorials through Pinterest and Apartment Therapy but I’m not great at following lengthy instructions, so I kind of had to figure this one out on my own.

The first thing I did was pick a size for my floor cushion, I went with a 19″ X 8″ X 19″ cube. I wanted something big enough to fit my booty on, but not something that was so big I couldn’t store it in a corner or under the coffee table when I wasn’t using it.

As you can see I made highly sophisticated patterns by taping printer paper together and then pinning those pieces to my fabric. After I laid out all my pieces I cut the fabric. I had one 19.5″ x 19.5″ square piece for the top, four 8.5″ x 19.5″ side pieces and two 11″ x 19.5″ pieces for the envelope back.

One of the reasons I even bothered to make the pattern was that I had only bought 2 yards for 2 floor cushions and I wanted to make sure I was getting the most out of my fabric.

Tip: You will probably need about 1 1/4  yards of 45″ fabric to make one cushion the same size that I made mine. I almost didn’t have enough fabric to do two, but luckily I had bought an extra 1/2 yard of plain cream fabric that I used as the bottom of one of the cushions. 

So after my pieces were cut, I started assembling and sewing. The first thing I did was sew my sides together.

I sewed the sides together so it made one long piece of fabric. I didn’t sew them into a square shape because I figured it would be easier to pin the top and bottom of the cushion to the sides and then sew up the last side seam. I don’t know if that is actually easier or not, but it worked for me.

Next I pinned the top to the sides and then pinned that last side together so I pretty much had a box.

You can see that one side is just pinned together and the rest are stitched. After the sides and bottom were pinned, I started sewing everything together.

The corners are a little bit tricky, but I made mine rounded instead of pointed, which made it easier. I literally just turned my fabric as I was sewing so the finished look was just a rounded corner, which you will be able to see in the pictures of the finished product.

After the top and sides were done, I pinned on the bottom. Here is where my cushions are different from all the others. I did an envelop back with velcro on the bottom of my cushion. I did this because I thought it would be easier and quicker than sewing in a zipper.

All I did was pin on one half of the back and then the other making sure that the pieces overlapped in the middle so I could iron on the Velcro when I was done sewing.

Tip: Iron on Velcro isn’t probably the best for this project and if I were to do this over again I would just get the regular kind and sew it on before I pinned and sewed the back of the cushion. It was just a pain to get the iron to make contact with the Velcro without burning myself and it was more expensive than the regular “sew on” kind.

So after ironing the Velcro, the only other thing left to do was stuff! I bought poly fiber fill from the craft store. I picked up two 2 lb bags for only $8 but I do think they could stand to have more stuffing. I only put in 2 lbs (one bag) per cushion so I wouldn’t mind adding in another 2 lbs so they felt nice and full.

At any rate, here is the final cushion!

Notice the more rounded corners. Maybe not perfect but I like them!

What do I really love about them? That they match my rug almost perfectly! Man, I’m good.

If you make (or have made) a floor cushion tell me about it! I would love to see pictures too, so e-mail me at courtney@thejoyofdecorating.com or post them to my facebook page!

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  1. That’s a great project! I may have to try it – we do a lot of floor sitting in my house.

    Found your blog through SITS – loving it too!

    Peace. ;)

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