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One of my lovely readers, Allyson, moved to Florida just a little over a year ago and is working on decorating her new home. She said Florida homes are so different from the homes she is used to in Viriginia. 

These south Florida homes are so plain, it drives me crazy! Primarily made from cement block and stucco, the interiors are mostly contemporary, high ceilings, open floor plans, with “zero” in the character department.

Allyson commented on this blog about her newly painted grey bedroom (she went with Valspar Stone Mason Grey) but she is also looking for some help with accessories and fabric to accentuate those lovely new walls so I wanted to open the floor up the rest of my readers and let you guys help Allyson redecorate and give her any advice you can.

Isn’t this room lovely? It’s super spacious and the grey looks great!

Allyson says that everything except the bed and the armoire are replaceable, so she is open to change.

She also picked up this cool little chair that she wants to recover.

Luckily, she works for a large design firm so she has access to all kinds of cool fabric (who’s jealous) so she sent me pictures of some fabrics she likes and hopes to incorporate.

The comment floor is now open! If you any ideas or suggestions let her know — let’s help Allyson make her Florida house feel like a home.

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One Comment on "Help for a Bedroom"

  1. Jeanette says:

    I love this room and see endless possibilities for it. That chair would look great in the yellow and tan polk a dots or even a smaller repeat fabric. You are in Florida that means Plants, Plants, and more Plants. Something in the corners very tall with a variegated leaf or tall vases with some type of tall grass in it. If you are going for yellow may I suggest a vase with yellow Fuji Mums on the night stands, or maybe Gerbera Daisies, or yellow Spray Roses. Have fun with the decorating project.

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