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Help for a Bedroom


One of my lovely readers, Allyson, moved to Florida just a little over a year ago and is working on decorating her new home. She said Florida homes are so different from the homes she is used to in Viriginia.  Continue reading →

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A Romantic Winter Table


Is there anything more romantic than wine and candlelight? I think not. That’s why it was the perfect inspiration for my winter tablescape. In advance of Valentine’s Day (and slightly in honor of me and the boyfriend’s anniversary) it seemed like a great time to get the dining table all gussied up for a romantic meal. Continue reading →

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Where the magic happens


Isn’t that what they always say on MTV Cribs when they show off the bedroom — “This is where the magic happens.” Well consider this post my personal episode of Cribs and this is where MY magic happens… and of course by magic, I mean where I do my best reading and sleeping! Continue reading →

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The Joy of Resolutions


So we are almost a week in to the new year and so far I have kept up with MOST of my new years resolutions. I typically don’t make any New Year’s resolutions, but I figured I might as well give it a shot and see if I can’t better myself. Continue reading →

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