The Joy of Birthday Parties

So obviously I love decorating and my favorite thing to decorate for is birthdays! I am super excited for this weekend though because I will be decorating for (and of course celebrating) my 26th birthday. My theme is pink so I plan on hanging a lot of pink balloons, making pink food and drink and hanging up some DIY pink artwork.

In honor of my pink party on saturday I’ll leave you with some great birthday party decor ideas, and not all of them are pink. :)

Of course this is the inspiration for my birthday party, and yes, this party is for a little girl.

I love this pirate party idea for kids, or adults!

The black and white birthday party is so elegant. I love the cakes!

The colors in this party are fantastic! It’s a rainbow theme!

This is probably my favorite party idea for a 13-year-old – a vintage movie night!

I hope you enjoyed all these cool party ideas. I can’t wait until Saturday and I really can’t wait to post pictures of the decorations and food!

One, two, three, four and five.

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2 Comments on "The Joy of Birthday Parties"

  1. Jeanette says:

    First thing… Happy Birthday!!!
    Did we see that sofa in the picture at a thrift shop?

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