Christmas Touches

When I was a kid Christmas was my favorite holiday and not just for the presents, for the decorations. Every year my mom and I would decorate the whole house with a tree (or two), garland, lights, stockings and sometimes gingerbread houses. My mom was particularly fond of decorating the patio for our apartment decorating contests and I am proud to say we have won several apartment decorating competitions. 

Now that I am in my own apartment I like decorating but I also don’t go overboard (like I think mom and I used to) because I think Christmas decor should just be an extension of your current home decorating stye. While I’m done with all my decorating just yet (I still have to do the dining table) check out what the boyfriend and I have done with the rest of the place.

Now since I don’t have a fireplace, I have to hang my stockings by the TV with care. I tried to keep the stockings simple and used plain silver stocking hangers.

Remember that vignette I did with the starburst mirror? I kept the same stuff there, I just added a poinsettia! No I didn’t spray paint a plant gold, it’s fake… shhhhh!

And finally, here is my little tree. Well I guess it’s not that little, it’s a 6 footer. The ornaments are a blue gray that matches my wall color, silver and white.

I love my little Christmas-y house! I can’t wait to share my Christmas tablescape with you soon.

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