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A Holiday Table


I am so excited for Christmas and one of the things I am most excited about is my holiday tablescape. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to decorate your dining room for Christmas use my favorite trick, put ornaments in glass containers. Heck, I even put ornaments in wine glasses! Continue reading →

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Christmas Touches


When I was a kid Christmas was my favorite holiday and not just for the presents, for the decorations. Every year my mom and I would decorate the whole house with a tree (or two), garland, lights, stockings and sometimes gingerbread houses. My mom was particularly fond of decorating the patio for our apartment decorating contests and I am proud to say we have won several apartment decorating competitions.  Continue reading →

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The Joy of Birthday Parties


So obviously I love decorating and my favorite thing to decorate for is birthdays! I am super excited for this weekend though because I will be decorating for (and of course celebrating) my 26th birthday. My theme is pink so I plan on hanging a lot of pink balloons, making pink food and drink and hanging up some DIY pink artwork. Continue reading →

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