Gallery wall at last

I have been talking about doing a gallery wall in my living room for FOREVER. I have been collecting frames and organizing photos and art for what seems like an eternity. I have also been keeping gallery wall ideas on my Pinterest page so I would EVENTUALLY be inspired to actually hang something on my bare walls. Lucky for you, the day my gallery wall is complete has finally come. I’ll do a play by play so you can do your own gallery wall, if you’re so inclined.

The first thing I did was grab all my frames and started organizing them on the floor. I had a lot but I felt like it wasn’t enough. I think my biggest problem with my existing frames was that they were all about the same size. I wanted to vary my sizes so I bought one of those big boxes of frames ($12 on Black Friday at Target) which gave me more varied sizes and also some continuity in color.

HELPFUL TIP:  When working on a gallery wall, especially an eclectic one, try to find some similarities, maybe only use two colors, or use the same style of frames mixed in with your randoms so the wall doesn’t look too haphazard.

So I settled on this arrangement. Also, I know I have a lot of blanks but I kind of just wanted it on my wall and then I could go print pictures out for the frames. There is some cool art,  like that WWII propaganda poster, but I think most of the wall will be old family photos.

The next step was to start hanging. I knew I wanted the bottoms of all the frames to line up. Aligning the frames to each other is another great way to make an eclectic mix of frames look a bit more put together. I played project manager and the boyfriend did a lot of the dirty work because I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner in the other room, but I promise it’s not too hard.

We just started at the top left and worked our way over. I knew I wanted the frames pretty much centered in the middle of the wall between the couch and our moulding. I also only wanted about an inch to two inches between the frames. This is all helpful information for when you get started, but once you get going it gets easier.

After the first column of frames was up we started at the bottom of the next column and worked our way up. We just continued the bottom to top flow until all of the frames were placed. Pretty easy!

So that’s the finished wall! What do you think? I love it (and so does the boyfriend). I think the best part is that we finally got to put all of our old family photos up.

So what about you? Ever do a gallery wall in your home? Tell me about it!

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One Comment on "Gallery wall at last"

  1. Heather says:

    Very cute! Looks like it took a lot of planning, but the effort really shows…it looks great!

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