A fall wreath

Continuing my “I <3 Fall” theme of late, I decided to create a fall wreath and show you all how to make one yourselves. The best part about it? It only cost me about $3 to make!

I had a lot of extra burlap laying around from my halloween costume so I decided to use that for SOMETHING on my wreath. I had seen a lot of burlap covered wreaths on Pinterest but that wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I had seen some fabric roses on wreaths and so I figured I would attempt to make fabric roses out of burlap.

Step 1: Cut strips of fabric about 2 inches wide and about 10 to 12 inches long. You can go longer if you want bigger roses, but the more fabric you use the harder it is to keep the shape. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and and start rolling the fabric. I usually start rolling so my folded side is up so the center looks more finished and not ragged.

Step 2: After you get a nice tight rolled up strip going you can start twisting the fabric as you roll. This will make the the fabric look like a flower. If you want to use little dabs of hot glue on this step to keep everything in place as you roll you can, but I didn’t just in case I made a mistake and I needed to start over.

Step 3: Keep on rollin’! Once you get to the end of the fabric just glue the end of the fabric to the side of your rose.

So your finished rose should look something like this:

My first ones definitely did NOT look like that so it might take some practice. Don’t give up!!

So after you make a bunch of roses (I made about 15) you can start work on your wreath! I bought a cheap faux grapevine type wreath form for $1 from the Dollar Tree and I attached the burlap roses with hot glue.

As you can see, I sort of interwove some extra burlap pieces into the wreath form. I did that so when I hot glued the roses to the form they didn’t fall off. I felt like it was an extra support since that wreath wasn’t super big or sturdy.

So after 2 sticks of hot glue and almost losing my fingerprints (seriously, be careful when using a hot glue gun and you should probably wear work gloves) the wreath was finished!

I only covered half the wreath with the roses. I didn’t want it to look too overdone. I think it looks really nice and it’s awesome for under $3!

Happy fall!


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