A Fall Table

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, fall is my favorite season! I posted a few weeks ago about decorating for fall and now I’ve finally done some fall decorating in my own home. 

I went to Michael’s last weekend and to my surprise, all of their fall decor items were 70 percent off! I guess everyone is getting ready for Christmas but I like to make fall last as long as possible. At any rate, I was able to pick up a few bags of plastic gourds and a few paper (or maybe plastic) mâché pumpkins, all for under $3.

I loved how they looked but remember those cool chargers I repainted? Well I thought all these gourds might look better if they were silver too and I was right.

So after I painted them silver I sort of spread them on the table and used them as vase filler.

The rest of the vase filler is just old potpourri that didn’t really have much of a smell anymore.

Notice the hurricane vases with candles. I made those by gluing a candlestick from K-mart to a small Dollar Tree vase, just like those apothecary jars I made a few weeks ago. The candles were only dollar too and I decided to add a little color to the hurricanes so I put a square of burlap under the candles.

My favorite part of the whole tablescape is the little pumpkins on every plate. Instead of spray painting them I used a dry brush to apply some silver acrylic paint. I did really thin coats because I wanted some of the orange/brown color to come through.

Eeeeep! I just love fall! I can’t wait to show off my sweet tablescape for Thanksgiving.

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4 Comments on "A Fall Table"

  1. Abi says:

    It looks wonderful!! Love the silver!

  2. bj frey says:

    Love what you did with the silver! It won’t work for me this year but I’ll keep in mind for future!
    I have a problem with a very dark dining room. I love the colors but it has no window for natural light. I have a VERY large metalic mirror on one wall that does reflect light from the living room but the other wall is unadorned. Any ideas?

    • Courtney says:

      Glad you like the tablescape! I also have a dining room with no windows. Luckily it’s pretty open but I have a lot of dark furniture in my home so it can kinda dreary. My two favorite ways to lighten a space are with mirrors (which you have already done) and white. If you have dark furniture, try a white table runner or tall white pillar candles for height. You can also do all white art, like this: http://virginiaandcharlie.blogspot.com/2011/07/small-projects.html, but on a large scale. Depending on how your space is designed, you could also hang curtains on one wall in white or a light color. It will give the illusion of windows and add some color. Hope that helps, and if you try one of those options out, let me know how it goes!

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