Professional pinterester

I wish being a professional Pinterester was a career. I would seriously be a millionaire.

I know I talk a lot about stuff I see on Pinterest and the truth is I do actually plan to DO all the projects I find on there but I think you really do need to make it a full time job. I mean seriously, there are so many creative people on there! 

I first found this awesome tutorial on how to make a carnation centerpiece and I thought it would be cool to use coffee filters instead of  flowers and then someone else made them with crepe paper! Here is a look at the “real” version:

And the ones with the crepe paper:

The next project on my “pin list” is something with a book. I am obsessed with all the book art, from the book page canvases to the book page wreaths. I found this gem today and I think he’s my next project:

It’s a Dahlia made from an old textbook!


So what am I up to now? Here’s a little sneak peak:

I’ve got everything set up but now I am working on finding the best way to transfer images to canvas and book page covered canvas. From my time on “The Pin” I have heard everything from Mod Podge to Acetone but it seems like nothing is working. I am a little scared to keep trying because I don’t want to ruin my canvases. If anyone has advice, please let me know!

Source: One, Two, Three

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  1. LOL! I love the thought of a wanted ad: Wanted: Proficient professional pinhead. Must know the ins and outs, pins and boards of Pinterest. Hourly pay with bonus craft materials. Artistic or design background a must.

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