Friend or faux?

I love silver mirrored accents. I have silver mirrored trays, candlesticks, vases, pictures frames and tons of other silvery stuff Im forgetting. My favorite type of silver mirrored goodness though is in the form of mercury glass.

According to Wikipedia, mercury glass is silvered glass “blown double walled, then silvered between the layers with a liquid silvering solution, and sealed.” Sounds expensive, right? Well if it’s real mercury glass, it certainly can be, but luckily there are plenty of ways to fake it.

On The Nate Berkus Show I learned about something called “looking glass spray” which promises a shiny, mirror-like look when applied to any glass surface but I have yet to try it. Apparently if you spritz water on your glass surface before applying looking glass spray it can give you that awesome mercury glass look. Seriously, let me know if you have done this though because I haven’t but I might like to. Also, I hear looking glass spray isn’t easy to find.

The way I learned to make faux mercury glass might be a little trickier but I think the results are totally worth it. All you need is craft glue, silver leaf and something glass to adhere the silver to.

First you smear glue all up inside your glass. I used a paintbrush but don’t think I wouldn’t use my hands because I probably would, I just needed to take pictures and I didn’t want to get the camera glue-y.

Let it dry a bit, but not too much. Just make sure your glue is tacky. I think I only waited like 60 seconds because I’m super impatient. After it’s dry-ish, you can start silver leafing. First I tore off little bits of the silver leaf and crinkeled it in my hand a bit.

After it was a little wrinkled/crinkled I started smushing it inside the glass onto my totally wet slightly tacky glue. Again, probably easier to use a paintbrush or sponge here, especially so you don’t end up with all the silver leaf on your hands, but the first time I did it I just used my fingers and tried to be careful.

So after that it looks really awful. That’s normal. It looks all white and gluey and ugly but don’t worry the glue will dry clear. My advice for first timers is only one sheet of silver leaf. You can always add more but it’s a pain (not to mention a waste of money) to scrape it off if you used too much.

So here it is in all it’s shiny glory. The one I did is the smallest one of the group. I think it looks pretty nice with it’s mercury glass bothers.

Another note on this, you may want to use flameless candles for safety reasons, especially because I don’t know how flammable (or not flammable) silver leaf and glue is. Better safe than sorry!

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4 Comments on "Friend or faux?"

  1. Allison says:

    FABULOUS! You are a genius :)

  2. tissue paper will do more or less same affect , but yours is so good

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