Dollar store DIY

The Dollar Tree is my new jam.

I can’t think of another place where you can buy vases, candles and party decorations all for only a dollar. I wish I would have thought about going to a dollar store to purchase the vases for centerpieces at my friend’s wedding last month. Now I’ll know for next time.

My dollar store DIY was inspired by this post I saw on Pinterest about creating apothecary jars for only $2. Now I love apothecary jars in general (especially cheap ones) but I recently volunteered to help decorate the photo area for the Cherubs Masquerading Ball (which is a great cause that helps fund services for families of babies born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia) and I NEEDED apothecary jars for the vignette.

This seemed like the perfect craft because it was cheap and looked super simple. All you need are candlesticks, a jar with a lid and glue.

Now there is special glue just for glass but I went with this super glue from the dollar store. It didn’t say that it WOULDN’T work on glass but I know there are glass specific options if you’re looking for something that will REALLY hold.

So after I peeled off the stickers from the bottom of everything I started gluing. I glued two candlesticks together and then put the jar on top and for the other one I just did one candlestick with the jar.

And that’s it! I would like to go find some other jars and candlesticks so I can do some other combinations. I think it looks great and you can’t beat the $5 price tag ($6 if you include the glue).

So what am I planning for this vignette? Well it’s a masquerade ball so I’m thinking lots of masks with feathers, candelabras, and of course, my DIY apothecary jars. Of course I’ll post pictures of the vignette so you can see the final product and if you are interested in donating to CHERUBS or attending the event visit

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