Book page art tutorial

I like to make art for my apartment. Now that’s not to say I won’t buy art if I see something that tickles my fancy but I think there is a certain amount of pride that comes along with knowing you created something to hang on your walls. I like feeling like female Salvador Dali (minus the mustache and a little of the crazy) from time to time. It can also be really fun to create art for your home, but I think the best part is that it’s almost always cheaper!

I was cruising Etsy not too long ago when I came across these really cool prints on book pages. I thought it was an awesome idea but I also wished they made them in larger sizes. Now I know most books are small but I guess I was hoping to find someone printing on old tabloid newspaper sheets or something. You see I need art for my walls. Lots of art. And what I really need is larger pieces. I thought book pages were such a cool canvas to print on, especially as writer, that I figured I would try and make my own book page art so I could make them as large as I needed.

When I started this adventure I began cruising Pinterest for ideas on how to transfer printed material to book pages. I thought a transfer would be the best way to get the print on the pages because I planned on starting with a sort of collage of book pages and I wanted to print to come out even looking.

Here was my original set up of supplies.

I started out by using homemade mod podge to collage my thesaurus book pages onto a blank canvas. The homemade mod podge (half water and half elmers glue) was a little run so I added a little more glue and keep on shellacking everything together. Pretty nice.

Kinda soggy, but nice and stuck together.

So my first act of business (after all the gloop dried) was to put the reverse image printed side down and then mod podge over it. After that layer of mod podge was dried I was supposed to be able to “lightly scrub” the paper off and the image would remain.

Not for me.

The first time I scrubbed most everything away. I just peeled the rest off and started over. The second time I actually went out and bought something called acrylic medium and used that to try to transfer. I almost had it but there was a lot of ink on some places and not only was the ink getting a greenish hue (maybe from all the glue and other stuff?) but it started to peel up, again. UGH. So I let it dry and tried to see if I could salvage it a little later. I couldn’t.

The next day at work I started thinking about it again. I kept seeing people pinning printed book pages. There had to be a better way. Last ditch effort: printing it in my home printer.

I got home. Lightly glued a few book pages on a piece of copier paper and printed my image. IT WORKED! It was so simple and this whole time I was trying to do something crazy. I didn’t want to risk ripping the book pages by peeling off the printer paper “backing” so I just left it on there and trimmed the edges so you couldn’t see the white paper. I mod podged the whole thing one last time. Finally done.

I was so happy to finally have figured this out!

Here is a side view. I did my best to wrap the pages around the edge of the canvas.

Is there anything better than solving a DIY problem? I think not.

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