Weekend wrap-up

Another weekend gone by and I barely feel like I had any time off. I am seriously looking forward to next weekend because for once I have NO plans. So what kept me so busy?  So many things. 

The weddings:

This has been the year of weddings for me, no joke. The weekend before last I was a bridesmaid at my friend’s wedding and this past weekend I actually officiated a surprise ceremony for my other friends. No, I’m not ordained, but they had plans to marry themselves so I was just doing the fancy, sweet ceremony part. Mostly I just read through this cool ceremony outline I found and added in their vows. You can really find anything on the internet.

The wedding was in the mountains and the drive up there was so pretty. I can’t wait to go up again when the leaves change colors.

The bedroom:

The re-do continues. The wall I’m doing is gorgeous but it is seriously going to take a me a year to finish. If it wasn’t so pretty I would have just painted over the parts I’ve already done and called it a day. I also bought a new gray, white and green pillow AND I got new white curtains. I’m excited about the big reveal and hopefully the big reveal will be soon!

Cooking things:

Pinterest has changed the way I cook. I have so many pins of tasty food on there that I can’t wait to try. I made this incredible Chicken Parmesan Wraps for dinner the other night and it was the best thing I have put in my mouth in forever! Tonight I got real creative and made Pimento Cheese Pockets. Think crab rangoon but replace crab with pimento cheese. It’s actually really good!

I got the idea for the pockets from one of my favorite restaurants that makes fried pimento cheese sticks and this is like a more exotic version. Ya, I said it, exotic pimento cheese.


Would I be me without thrifting?  I think not. I headed over to Goodwill over the weekend and picked up a shirt that I want to deconstruct so I can make one of these cool shirts (another thing I found on Pinterest, of course). I also grabbed this mirror that I plan to use of the gallery wall above my couch.

So what about you all? What’s been keeping you busy? I know another thing that will be keeping me busy this week: new fall TV shows! Just another reason why I love this season.

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