Everyday I’m stencilin’

Well it certainly feels like every day I am stencilin’. I have been working on the new stenciled wall in the bedroom for the past 3 days and I am finally making some progress. 

After purchasing the new paint color on Sunday, the boyfriend and I got around to rolling it on the walls on Monday. I immediately knew this was the right color and from now on I just need to pick a shade darker than what I think I want. To my naked eye I thought Cathedral Stone would be too dark but it’s perfect.

The boyfriend even gave up his super cool roller from work for a while and let me roll a wall. What a gentleman.

I let the paint dry for a day and yesterday I started tracing the stencil in pencil when I realized that they were slightly uneven so I had to paint over my pencil marks (the eraser wasn’t doing it) and re-stencil pattern on the wall.

Sidenote: If you want a great stencil for a Moroccan type tile pattern, check out the Jones Design Co. website for a downloadable stencil. I stumbled across this by accident when I was just looking for a pattern to print out and retrace. So far I am super happy with how it looks.

So this evening I spent retracing the pattern on the wall. It’s time consuming but once you get in a groove it’s super easy.

After a got through a section of the tracing I decided I would break out the paint and see how it looked. I mixed a couple colors together to get the desired effect. I went with Martha Stewart’s Metallic in Sterling and Apple Barrel Acrylic in Pewter Grey.

Well that’s all I can show for now! No spoilers! I’m very excited about the final reveal and I am thinking I should be done tomorrow. Nose to the grindstone.

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3 Comments on "Everyday I’m stencilin’"

  1. Nev says:

    I have to say that I have yet to venture into the world of stenciling, but based off your post and the other posts I have read as well, I think that soon I may have to try my hand at it. So, I will be checking back to see the final reveal! :) I work for a modern furniture company and just recently our blogger wrote about her adventures in stenciling . Between the two of you, I have become inspired to pick up the stencils and have at it! :)

    • Courtney says:

      It’s quite the time commitment but so far I think it looks amazing. If you are going to print out a design and trace it, like I did, I would recommend printing several copies of the design and tape them together so it doesn’t take so long for the actual outlining. The painting part isn’t that bad and I kind of find it therapeutic!

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