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The joy of gallery walls


If there is one way to bring a lot of color and personality to a room I would say a gallery wall is it. No matter what your decorating style is, there is a gallery wall that can fit your room. Continue reading →

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The joy of scarves


Alright, I know scarves are NOT home decor but that’s why my blog is home decor and more! This is the “more” part.

First of all, I love scarves! Anyone who knows me knows I will wear a scarf anytime of the year. I have literally have a scarf for every season. I also have a similar love for cardigans, but that’s another post. Continue reading →

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Weekend wrap-up


Another weekend gone by and I barely feel like I had any time off. I am seriously looking forward to next weekend because for once I have NO plans. So what kept me so busy?  So many things.  Continue reading →

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Everyday I’m stencilin’


Well it certainly feels like every day I am stencilin’. I have been working on the new stenciled wall in the bedroom for the past 3 days and I am finally making some progress.  Continue reading →

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The chosen one


I finally did it; I picked a new gray! After all that gray drama from last week I have done a lot of research and gotten a lot of great suggestions from you guys for new grays and I finally bought another gallon of paint today. Continue reading →

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