The joy of entertaining

This past weekend I hosted my first ever bridal shower for one of my besties who will be a Mrs. in just over a month! I must admit, the bride-to-be and I are a bit nontraditional which is why I held it at a karaoke bar. We had our own private room and we all sang until we were hoarse (well maybe that was just me). While I could have held the shower at my apartment I always worry about the potential lack of seating and the fact that we have neighbors above and below us. Hosting the shower got me thinking about the entertaining I want to eventually do when the boyfriend and I purchase a home. It also got me looking at photos of beautiful spaces that I would love to entertain in!

What an AMAZING outdoor space. I would love to curl up  out there with a glass of wine on a summer night.

Another awesome outdoor space. I could just imagine having friends over for a chill dinner at that little table. Also, I really love the sunburst mirror.

Coolest. Basement. Ever. If I can afford a house with a basement, I want this.

This isn’t that outrageous as far as entertaining areas go, but it’s classy and fits the space.

Such a beautiful dining room. I would looove to host a brunch there.


So, which entertaining space is your favorite?


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