Pillow fail

When I started this blog I sort of made a promise to myself that I would showcase my successes and my failures at DIY projects. So far, I have been pretty successful and if I run into a problem I am usually able to fix it. Today, however, was a fail in the world of DIY. 

I knew I wanted to make my own pillows for the master bedroom and today I finally had some time to break out the sewing machine and make a decorative envelope pillow case for an old pillow. I had previously purchased some fabric when I was trying to find the perfect print for my curtains so I had a few yards of various fabric laying around. I started out by looking up tutorial for making the envelope backed pillows. It looked simple enough. I just had to cut three pieces of fabric, fold some edges and sew it all together. This is where the madness began.

I got out the sewing machine only to find out I needed more thread on the bobbin. I forgot how to do that, so I had to look it up, but for some reason all I can find is the instruction manual in spanish!

Luckily I was able to find a “start-up” guide which just covers how to thread the machine. First problem averted.

So I started measuring and cutting the fabric for the pillows. This is where the fail comes in. For some reason the fabric was cut slightly askew, and I can rarely cut in a straight line, so that didn’t help either. I cut everything out and thought about how small it all looks, but I go with it and start pinning everything together.

After sewing everything together I’m thinking it looks pretty good, so I grab the pillow and smush it in there. Sweet! It fits. But wait….

That’s right. This dummy didn’t measure very well. The top and the bottom parts of the envelope back are NOT the same size. It makes it look like my pillow is wearing a belt. Dangit. I squished it a bunch but there is no fixing it. Also I heard that you should cut the size of your fabric to an inch less than the pillow form, but again, you should probably measure your seams better because you can tell the stiches are starting to pull in the back.

So now what do I do with a funky pillow? If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. In the scheme of things it’s not THAT bad, and to be honest, I’ll probably keep it on the bed for a while, just to add color, but I intend to measure better and make a nice looking pillow cover. Hey, at least I learned something!

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2 Comments on "Pillow fail"

  1. Jamie says:

    WHERE did you get that fabric?!?!?! I must have something just like IT!

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