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A few weeks back I signed up for a random blog swap through 20-Something Bloggers. Lucky for me, I got another NC gal to swap with. Check out Ashton’s post below about summer. After that, head over to Ashton’s blog and check out my post about my bachelorette weekend. It’s a bit of a departure from my typical style but I think you guys will like it. Without further ado, I give you the swap:

Alright guys this is my first ever blog swap! I have to say I was surprised when I saw Courtney’s blog it looked beyond professional,and basically on a whole nother level of cuteness.I recently found out we are both from Sweet Carolina (“North” Carolina that is!) Nice to see the South being represented by strong minded,creative women.

Anyway’s…On to my post I guess. Our topic was “Summer,” Really 20SB? Summer? That is alot of crazy fun to narrow down! But here goes seeing that Courtney writes about furniture and decorating,and my entire house has a beach theme. I guess I’ll stick to that theme “The beach.” That’s about the only decorating style I know, I love, love, LOVE the beach, and I am very sure everyone that steps in our condo knows it! I love fun beach houses, pastel colors, fun palm tree prints, beautiful beach paintings, and rocking chairs on the front porch. That is 100% my style. Below is a few little beach inspired details at our condo.

Our kitten “loungin’ on the palm tree pillow”

Dining room

My G-mas Painting

Just one of our shelves

On to my inspiration, “The beach” this will just be a quick recap of our2011 Summer beach trips
Funny Comment:”That “Blue Moon” tastes like dish soap”, comment made by father in-law
Kyle pulled the choke on the golf cart we were riding around Fripp Island, thought it broke down, his family pushed me back to the beach house.
We saw a big Alligator up-close and personal
We spent too much money at cute stores in Beaufort, S.C.
We went to Market St. Saloon in Charleston, “Like a Coyote Ugly” Fun times
We climbed a lighthouse
We saw 100′s of deer, Fripp Island protects them
We ate at the famous Hyman’s Seafood, we sat at the same table as “The Beach Boys”

Fripp Island, S.C.

Mr. Gator.

Me & my husband “beach glowin”

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