Anthro Obsessed

Anyone who knows me IRL knows I’m kind of obsessed with Anthropologie. I love the way the store looks, I love the clothes and I really love their home decor stuff. In fact, the only thing I don’t love is their prices. Ick

As far as clothes go, I figure I can splurge (probably on a clearance item) because I know it’s made better and it will last longer. One of my favorite dresses was a $79 sale item that I was practically wearing every other day last summer. There is something that’s vintage but modern about their clothes, and a lot of their home decor items too. While I do purchase clothes there, I have never bought any of their home items. I am more like an online home decor lurker. Why? Prices.

Now, Anthro does have some great sales but when I look at all the cool home decor items on sale my first thought usually is, “I could make that.” Now I’m not the world’s greatest seamstress or lamp maker or whatever but when you’re a decor fiend (and a cheapskate) like me you need to at least THINK about ways you can remake or reinvent the decor stuff you like without breaking the bank.

One of my new favorite lamps is this one from Anthro. As soon as I saw it I put it on Pinterest. It was love at first sight, until I saw the price. $898.

While I’m sure there is at least ONE person that would pay that much money for this chandelier, that person is not me. My first thought was to buy a paper lantern and hot glue cone shaped coffee filters to it. The description of the actual product says it is made of “paper, metal and tyvek.” While I don’t know what tyvek is, I assume the paper is what makes up all the little blossoms, so who says I can’t make almost the same thing?

I also really love these dessert pedastals from Anthro’s sister site specializing in weddings, but not for $70.

They are really cute, but anyone who thrifts knows you can find really awesome plates and glasses just like those to glue together and use as vintage serveware. Plus, wouldn’t it be way cooler to know that you found the plates and glasses and it really is vintage? I think so!

My other favorite home items to stalk on Anthro are their curtains. These are so elegant but anyone could make these and you don’t even need a sewing machine!

All you need to make these are plain curtains, iron-on adhesive strips and pom poms. I’d guess that would cost about $30 – $50 depending on the curtains. That’s a lot better than $78 per panel.

Oh, and speaking of curtains, I’m halfway done with the bedroom curtains. I’ve got one panel down and one to go. Pictures and a full post about them will be up soon. Get excited!

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