True Blood interior design

I love tv. Sitcoms, dramas, reality tv, I love it all, but I especially love deliciously racy (and funny) shows like True Blood. 

If you keep up with True Blood I’m sure you’ve noticed that they have made a lot of changes to vampire Bill Compton’s home. I’ll try not to reveal anything about the plot but be warned that there are photos which COULD spoil at least the visual aspect of the show. Bill still lives in the same home as previous seasons but it’s gotten a serious update. The LA Times published a great post about all the changes, which even includes some information on where to get some of the items in Bill’s house (!) so I highly recommend checking it out.

Bill’s new office is soo swanky! I am totally in love. Check out the wallpaper. Uhhmazing!

Here is the amazing new entry way. LOVE the chandelier!

I also really liked some of the interior design from past seasons. I always thought the queen’s pool room was really glamourous.

And I have also sort of have a sick admiration for Lafayette’s place. I know it’s kinda weird, and I could never do anything like that in my house, but I think it looks really cool and fits his character.

Anyone else love True Blood as much as me? I already can’t wait for next Sunday’s episode.

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  1. I need those chairs in the first picture. LOVE THEM!!


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