Think pink

If you haven’t already guessed from looking at my blog logo, pink is my favorite color.  Pink is soothing, it’s cheery and it wasn’t always girly. In fact, until the 1940s pink was considered a a color for boys because it was more closely related to red, which was a strong, and blue was for girls because it was softer (thanks wikipedia). Nowadays pink is almost exclusively used for girls’ rooms but there is no reason why everyone, regardless of age or gender, shouldn’t add at least a touch of pink to their home decor. 

Ok so this is more than a little pink, but this is such a pretty space I just had to start off with it. The weird part is, it’s not too overpowering, well at least not to me.

Pink and grey looks so incredibly chic. This room really blends the feminine and masculine sides.

This is pretty much my dream kitchen. I think having a pink kitchen would make me a cleaner, happier cook. Ya hear that, boyfriend?

Another great blend of masculine and feminine styles. The pink chair is balanced by the cowhide rug and the steel blue walls.

The pops of pink in this room really compliment the flowers outside and  give this space a really cohesive feeling.

What do you think about pops of pink? Do you have them in your home?

Source: All pictures here.

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