Sunburst mirror DIY

In my last post, I talked about how I had a lot of unfinished projects going on, but luckily I got some time this weekend to work on one of them – the sunburst mirror!

I was first inspired by the one I saw over at Centsational Girl but I also found one over at Danielle Oakey Interiors so my mirror is a bit of a combo of the two of them.

The first thing I did was head over to Michaels and pick up supplies. At this point I was still planning on using paint sticks for the burst-y part of the mirror, but when the boyfriend and I saw the project  wood at Michaels for like 60¢ per three foot piece, we decided it would be easier to just get everything at one place and skip the paint sticks. We bought about 10 sticks total, 4 that were wide and 6 that were narrow. We also purchased a 6 1/2 inch round piece of wood to stick on the back of the mirror and act as a reinforcement.

I already had super glue and paint at home so $10 later we were ready to get started!

The first thing I did was calculate some possible lengths of wood for the burst. I knew I wanted varying lengths of wood for the burst part and I wanted the longest pieces to be the wider strips of wood.

Note on measuring: Maybe I’m just a dummy but I used one of those sturdy industrial metal tape measures to measure out the first cuts of wood and because I guess I just couldn’t set it on top of the wood I got slightly different lengths. Again, maybe just me, but I recommend using a soft tape measure, like the one in the picture, that you can actually place on top of whatever you are marking so it’s more accurate.

So after I made all my cuts I arranged them how I wanted them on the back side of the mirror.

I hadn’t spray painted the wood at this point, so the picture was not only for this blog, but also to help me remember how I had everything arranged.

So next I went outside to spray paint the pieces with a light coating of my favorite Valspar spray paint in brushed nickel. I didn’t want it looking too silvery, I sort of like the light hints of wood showing through so I did quick stokes over them.

Once that was dry, in about 10 minutes, we came back inside and started super gluing the wood in place using the picture I had taken earlier as a guide of how I wanted it arranged.

FYI that is the boyfriend’s hand (and foot) not mine.

So this part took the longest, maybe like 20 minutes total, but we were also kinda watching Harry Potter at the time so I’m sure you could do it faster if you’re not distracted.

Once we placed all the wood we super glued the round wood piece to the back of the mirror, as a reinforcement.

That’s the boyfriend’s hand again, at this point I had just discovered I had super glue in my hair (seriously!) so I didn’t really want to get any more glue on myself.

So all that was left to do was to put a hanger on the back of the wood piece and you’re all set. Of course I thought we had one of those at home and we didn’t but lucky for us the wood circle had a plastic hanger on its packaging and we just used that. It is actually really strong, but I still suggest using an actual picture hanger.

Ready to see the finished product?

The mirror:

The whole vignette

My artsy shot

You can really see how some of the wood shows through the spray paint in this picture. Cool right?

So that’s my fun new mirror. It was super simple and way cheaper than any other sunburst mirror I have seen. Now off to work on some more projects!


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