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Think pink


If you haven’t already guessed from looking at my blog logo, pink is my favorite color.  Pink is soothing, it’s cheery and it wasn’t always girly. In fact, until the 1940s pink was considered a a color for boys because it was more closely related to red, which was a strong, and blue was for girls because it was softer (thanks wikipedia). Nowadays pink is almost exclusively used for girls’ rooms but there is no reason why everyone, regardless of age or gender, shouldn’t add at least a touch of pink to their home decor.  Continue reading →

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The joy of spray paint


I could hardly wait to get my hands on that silver spray paint and take care of that frame I got at Antiques to Zippers on Saturday. Unfortunately I was super busy this weekend so I had to wait until this evening. Continue reading →

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I love thrifting – the recap


I think it’s safe to say the “i <3 thrifting” event was a HUGE success. I am so happy to have been able to lead a group here in Raleigh and make some new friends. I think we were all exhausted by the end of the day (which is why I didn’t post about it yesterday because I passed out at 9:30 p.m.) but I’m sure everyone had a great time.  Continue reading →

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Raleigh I <3 Thrifting event update


For those who don’t know, the big I <3 Thrifting event is happening this weekend all across the country and I am super stoked! I am hosting one in Raleigh and I can’t wait. If you are planning to go to the Raleigh event please let me know by sending an e-mail to I am trying to get some goodies together for the attendees so I want to get a head count.

So until the big thrifting day, I have been looking around my house to get an idea of what I need to shop for.  Continue reading →

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Independence Day buffalo chicken dip


I know your thinking “Dip? Why the heck is she talking about dip? This is a home decor blog!” and you’re right, it is a bit off topic, but I think that one of the many ingredients to an inviting home, is tasty treats. Continue reading →

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