Moody blues

Ahh lazy Sundays. I love them. They give me more time to work on Oiloboards, like the ones I did a while back for the master bedroom and our dining room. I came up with these new blue mood boards as inspiration for my living room and the living/dining nook.

The living room already has it’s fair share of blues. We have blue grey walls (Sharkfin by Valspar) and a navy and cream print rug. For some reason though, I just can’t seem to “finish” the living room even though I know I will never really be “finished” designing any room. At any rate, I always turn to mood boards to help me organize my design thoughts and figure out what the missing piece is too my rooms.

I think what the living room really needs is some kind of fun printed curtains. I have pretty much been eyeing those curtains from Anthro since sometime last year but I think my biggest problem is that the windows in the living room are actually just a sliding glass doors. Anyone know the best way to hang curtains above one of those? The other thing that will help the living room is for me to finally finish the gallery wall above the couch. Right now it’s just one biiiig blue wall.

The other space is the living/dining nook. I think when we looked at one of the decorated model apartments before we moved in, they had the space designed as a mini study complete with a built in desk and shelving. I’m kind of glad we don’t have the built-ins because I didn’t want to FEEL like I had to use that area as a study, but the more I look at that sad little nook the more I feel like maybe a reading nook is the best way to go. We already have a small bookcase there but other than that, my little nook looks a little bare.

I love the idea of hanging some wallpaper in the nook. It’s not overpowering but it sure is a lot more interesting than a white wall. I want to try and blend the living room blues into the nook and the dining area. Also, all my spaces kind of have to go together because it’s a pretty tiny apartment so everything has to have some similar colors and styling.

So what about you guys, do you ever use mood boards to help you style rooms in your home? Do you wish Sundays could last forever like I do? Well, I guess I’m back to the mood board fun before the work week starts again.

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2 Comments on "Moody blues"

  1. I love your boards! The greys and browns in your LR are exactly what I am working on right now. Those curtains are gorgeous. As for hanging them above sliding doors, are the doors the entire height of the wall? You could mount a traverse rod directly into the ceiling (or rods about 3-4″ above the doors if you have the space) and hang the panels so that they fall on either side of the doors when they are open. That way they don’t interfere with the door, but it still softens the room.

    Kind of like this –

    • Courtney says:

      Hi Leanne! Thanks for the curtain idea. I have about 6″ of space between the top of the sliding door and the moulding. I think something like in the picture would work great.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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