I love thrifting – the recap

I think it’s safe to say the “i <3 thrifting” event was a HUGE success. I am so happy to have been able to lead a group here in Raleigh and make some new friends. I think we were all exhausted by the end of the day (which is why I didn’t post about it yesterday because I passed out at 9:30 p.m.) but I’m sure everyone had a great time. 

We started off the day at Antiques to Zippers, which is volunteer run by the Assistance League of the Triangle. My friend Amy and I donned our “i <3 thrifting” shirts and got there early to wait for our fellow thrifters. Kristy and Carrie were the first to arrive and lucky for us, the volunteers at A to Z even let us in a little early. While we were shopping Abi and Rae stopped by to join the tour and to my surprise, a writer for the N&O even came by to interview me and the ladies. As a former journalist and creative director for a newspaper it was really odd to be interviewed, as opposed to doing the interview but I am really excited to see the write up. I’ll be sure and post a link when it comes out!

When we got to Goodwill, Brittany met up with us and our little group was complete (well almost complete, Jay, Amy’s boyfriend, wanted to sleep in so he got there a little later)! Becky Lytle, a communication associate at Goodwill Industries of Eastern NC stopped by too and snapped a few shots of us for the Goodwill newsletter. Of course I didn’t want to miss a photo op so I handed her my camera.

That’s Amy in the black thrifting shirt and me in the pink with one of my favorite finds, a little old lantern. Please ignore my pale legs by the way, I didn’t have time to spray tan. The ladies in the back from left to right are Kristi, Carrie, Brittany, Abi and Rae.

I could probably tell some awesome stories about all these ladies, but instead you should probably just head over to their blogs and read all about them.

After we raided Goodwill we went over to ReTails thrift shop, where ALL the profits support the AnimalKind spay and neuter program. Within minutes of being there Abi had grabbed this and she definitely gets the award for coolest thrift.

So it looks weird from the picture, but it’s like a standing wine opener thingy. I’m sure that’s the technical term. As you can see we were trying to figure out how it worked. I think it was only like $6 too. SCORE.

Jay made over to ReTails where he found this Star Wars record. He was pretty stoked.

We all headed over to lunch at Tijuana Flats because everyone loves Mexican food. Brittany took some awesome pictures of us (thanks for letting me use this Brittany) even though I look crazy in most of them.

Even though I wanted a nap I fought that sleepy feeling and we trekked over to Revival Antiques. They were pretty expensive, which I have mentioned before, but man do they have a cool store.

There is so much stuff I barely knew where to look first. The only downside is, half the store is not air conditioned. Yikes! After looking at the refinished stuff we headed to the warehouse area. Like kids in a candy store I tell ya!

Rae and Abi look totally amazed, don’t they? Also it looks like a little light ghost made it into my picture. Paranormal activity at the thrift store? I sure hope so :)

We had to take a rest outside from the heat before Brittany led us to another un-air conditioned venue, ReStore, a Habitat for Humanity retail store which I had never been to before.

ReStore was pretty sweet, especially if you plan on doing some serious home renovations. I seriously saw a whole kitchen, cabinets and everything for like $1200. They also had some cool furniture there and even a section of FREE items. SWEET!

I loved that mid century sideboard/hutch thing but the top part was attached and I just wanted the bottom. Maybe next time ReStore, maybe next time.

After a round of hugs, everyone went their separate ways but I have a feeling we will be meeting again soon. So what did I get from all this thrifting? I’ll show you!

A sweet picture frame, a lantern, a cocktail strainer and, for the boyfriend, a vintage Old Crow glass. I can’t wait to get my spray paint on with the lantern and the frame. The other items went promptly to the bar.

I also got this guy at ReStore. He was free!!

What does a girl in an apartment need a shutter for you ask? Oh, I have an idea. PROJECT TIIIIME!

Overall I met some amazing ladies and I picked up some pretty cool items! I am also 99 percent sure that I tweeted more than I ever have in my entire life. I especially wanted to say thank you for the awesome store owners/employees/volunteers that let us crowd into their stores on Saturday. If you are in Raleigh and have the urge to thrift I highly recommend visiting Antiques to Zippers, any Goodwill of Eastern NC, Retails Thrift Shop, Revival Antiques and ReStore.

Did any of you participate in the thrifting event this weekend? What all did you get? I’m so excited for my new swag and can’t wait to blog about what I do with it!

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17 Comments on "I love thrifting – the recap"

  1. Thanks for organizing Courtney! Ack. That has got to be the worst picture of me looking at Abi’s wine opener ;-D. No worries, you can leave it.

    I still can’t believe that you ONLY bought those 4 things. Such control, I tell ya. I’m headed back to Goodwill tomorrow to try to buy the rest of the Hardy Boys books for my son. He already read the first one from cover to cover today!

    • Courtney says:

      Sorry, had to use the “action” shot.
      Is it sick I considered going out thrifting today? I think I have a problem. The good news is I only spent $8 on everything! Your son sounds like quite the reader. Good for him!

  2. Rae says:

    Great write up. I’m super behind. Oh and the ghost travels with me wherever i go ;) You did a great job organizing!

    • Courtney says:

      Thanks! I think the ghosty might have something to do with that weird wicca book that Amy picked up too. :) I’m glad you came out and I hope we can do it again sometime.

  3. How in the world did I miss this ?! I was on vacation all week and didn’t get home until Friday night, I want to come to the next one.

  4. AprilDenise says:

    Omg! I so want the wine opener thing!! To bad im in Atlanta! Geez… Glad you guys had a great time!!

  5. It sounds as though you had a great time thrifting. I went out with the Austin, Texas group and had a blast. As a fairly new blogger it was fun meeting other bloggers in the area. And of course who doesn’t love a day devoted to thrifting?


  6. Mattie says:

    include me in the next one. I actually forgot about it but then when I went to the goodwill on market I remembered. People were everywhere!!!! I LOVE thrifting.

    • Courtney says:

      Hopefully I can get another one together in a few months. Keep checking the blog for more details and thanks for stopping by!

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