Shopping trip: Carolina Pottery

For me, no weekend could be complete without a shopping trip to a home decor store, and this weekend was no exception. I decided to hit up Carolina Pottery since I had never been there and I constantly see their commercials (and hear their jingles) on TV all the time. This particular Carolina Pottery is located in an old Sam’s Club so saying the place is huge is an understatement. The boyfriend naturally assumed all they had was a bunch of pottery but boy was he wrong. They seemed to carry a bit of everything. They had patio furniture, fake plants, kitchen goods, glassware, home decor items, lighting, wine(!)  and of course pottery.

The first thing that caught my eye was their collection of bright green home furnishings. I want to redecorated the bedroom in black and green but I think this is a little TOO electric.

Day glo green shelving anyone?

They also had end tables, chairs and ottomans to match but everything seemed a little pricy. The tall shelving unit was $180 and the smaller end tables were $100. Too rich for my thrifty blood, so I had to move on.

The next aisles were filled with multi colored pottery and glassware. I am always looking for more silver pieces and my favorite color is glitter so of course I was excited to see this much silvery goodness.


All that glitters... is not gold, it's silver.

At this point we had barely made it to the second aisle of the store (like I said, it was huge) and the boyfriend was already looking for a place to sit down and hang out, so we made a beeline for the patio stuff. This chair was one of the coolest things I had seen. They also made a couch version that had it’s own shade attached, like a hood for furniture!

If only I had a backyard for this...

I don’t have a backyard, so it wouldn’t make much sense for me to get this, but I like to remember cool outdoor furniture and ideas for the future.

We passed by the fake plants and flowers and stumbled into the kitchenware area. Lots of cute stuff and some pretty good deals but I barely have enough space for the pots and pans I have now. I did think these little covered soufflé dishes were pretty neat though.

Day glo is big for the kitchen too.

By far the coolest thing I saw in the whole store were these guys! I was a huge fan and at only $80 for the 5 foot tall one, it’s a total bargain!

I've always wanted my own suit of armor!

After I finished squealing over the suit of armor we headed into their wine section. They actually sell wine there and some pretty cool wine accessories. I am always on the look out for stuff to go on my bar so I was looking around when I noticed these silly little glasses.

A redneck wine glass!

This is totally one of those “only in North Carolina” things and I love it. I’m pretty sure they just super glued mason jars to crystal stems so I bet I could make them if I really felt like it.

Overall the trip to Carolina Pottery was a pretty fun experience, plus it helped us walk off that Bob Evan’s breakfast we had just finished. Sadly I didn’t take a suit of armor, or anything else, home with me. I think it was exciting to look around, but their prices are fairly high (that patio chair was $1,000) and I could probably find a lot of those items somewhere else for cheaper. My official recommendation is to go to Carolina Pottery for a look around but save your pennies before you go
if you want to make a purchase.

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2 Comments on "Shopping trip: Carolina Pottery"

  1. North Carolina is like mecca for homewares! I actually really like the shape of the shelves and would have just repainted them, but at $180 I guess repainting something may not make the best sense.

    • Courtney says:

      I know! I am really lucky to be only about an hour and a half from High Point. Those shelves were really cool, but man were they bright!

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