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A Goodwill find


Sometimes you find the most unusual things at Goodwill, and if you’re like me, you buy those things.

Today I went to the Goodwill across the street from my house and I found, what I can only describe as, wood on a stand. It looks like some kind of cool driftwood attached to a metal base. I think it’s weird but it seems really modern. Continue reading →

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An evening of thrifting

My favorite piece. This had great bones and was in excellent condition.

I just downloaded instagram for my phone, a super fun pictures sharing app with vintage photo filters, and I figured what better way to test it out than taking photos of vintage furniture! I headed to my all time favorite thrift store and started snapping pictures. Feast your eyes on some of my favorite vintage finds:
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Beach chic

The colors give this kitchen a beach feel.

In honor of my amazing beach trip with my bestie, Stephanie, I present to you my favorites in beach chic decor. Now, even as a former beach resident I haven’t been much for beach decor because it can often look very dated but I think these photos show how a beach-y theme doesn’t have to look like an 80-year-old grandma’s house in West Palm.
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Getting in the mood

The mod orange dining room.

I just discovered my new favorite time waster.

It’s called Olioboard and it’s a digital mood board creator. Apparently it’s been around for like a year but I guess I am just jumping on the digital mood board band wagon. I personally like doing stuff the old fashioned way; ya know cut out pictures from magazines or collect stuff online to print out when your ready to go shopping, but I have to admit, even for a print lover like me, this is pretty sweet. Continue reading →

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Green with envy

I love this cheerful laundry room!

I don’t know what it is about green, it’s just one of those colors that makes me happy. Green always seems to work as an accent color with a lot of different decor styles because there are so many shades and it’s a natural color. Maybe I am just on high alert for green in decor, like that green shelving unit, because I am currently working on selecting the perfect green printed fabric for curtains in the master bedroom. Either way here is a collection of some of my favorite green rooms. Continue reading →

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