Much ado about tablescapes

I have always been interested in tablescaping. For those who aren’t familiar, tablescaping is more than just a centerpiece. They are best described as table themes, where you create an entire design plan for a table with all kinds of accessories. Usually reserved for holiday dining tables, tablescaping has left the dining room. Any flat surface, and you too can create a tablescape. While I don’t have many of them, mostly because I don’t have many accessories worth displaying, I do love the idea and especially the flexibility of not only where you can display them but what you can display. My personal favorite in my home is my newly designed bathroom “trayscape” that I created using a tray from goodwill, some acrylic canisters and a few items I already had on hand.

My bathroom "trayscape"


White eclectic tablescape


Minimal tablescape with lamps

Beautiful Easter tablescape

All sources are linked. For more great table styling ideas check out  NYCLQ’s blog. She designed the Easter tablescape above.

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